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SUN Universal UV-LED

  • hybrid (printing on roll and sheet materials),

  •  output of up to 40 m2 per hour,

  •  resolution of up to 720 dpi,

  •  8 different set types (dimensions, printing heads),

  •  wider height range of a printing material (up to 200 mm),

  •  possibility to choose dimensions of printing materials,

  •  possibility to choose the number of applied colors,

  •  automated carriage parking, conservation cleaning of printing heads, carriage shutdown,

  •  white areas skipping, simultaneous printing with white color.

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SUN Smart

  • resolution of not less than 1440 dpi,

  •  output of 2xCMYK+2xW (estimated output): *up to 100 m2 per hour,

  •  multilevel 3D printing (relief, 3d),

  •  LED drying system for UV paint,

  •  GrayScale technology with the capacity from 6 to 54 picolitres,

  •  high stability to intense and long-term loads,

  •  automatic material winding and underwinding,

  •  automatic heads cleaning,

  •  automatic material thickness identification,

  •  6 vacuum zones, suction capacity adjustment,

  •  ink level control for the main ink bags,

  •  automatic ink pumping system,

  •  static electricity removal system,

  •  white ink recirculation,

  •  collision protection system,

  • material contact detector,

  •  negative pressure system,

  •  software compatible with Windows operating system.

SunFlower UV curing ink
for large-format printing

Designed to be used in large-format UV printers with Konica Minolta printing heads. Drop size of 12–42 picolitres.

Moisture resistance

Images printed with SunFlower ink will not lose their appeal even after several days of rain

Minimal consumption

9 g/m2 (240*720 dpi), 27 g/m2 (360*1440 dpi)

Heat resistance

After drying, SunFlower ink remains stable at 220° C for a short period of time


The period of storage is 2 years
For white ink - 1 year


Light resistance

Images printed with SunFlower ink can be displayed outdoors for 5 years without extra UV protection

Finely dispersed

Due to the use of 1 µm-pore filters during ink production, printing head durability as well as printing stability are increased


Solvent-free technology makes SunFlower ink fully ecologically safe after drying


High adhesion to different materials

Order a primer

The primer for large-size UV printing on silicate glass and ceramics
The primer for large-size UV printing on acrylic glass
The primer for large-size UV printing on furniture laminate, laminated chipboards, and medium density fiberboards

After-sale service

SUN Service is the territory of professionals.

We have been servicing large-size printing equipment for more than 14 years.

Service center: +7 (383) 200-34-97, +7 (951) 366-03-85
  • start-up and commission
  • repair of non-warranty UV
  • printers/maintenance/conservation
  • printer upgrade
  • printer troubleshooting after a long period of inactivity
  • printer maintenance
  • conversion of equipment to our ink

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